Monday, October 18, 2010

Love Recklessly

They walk
They run
From here
All the way to there
All the time being followed
But they don’t see
They only believe
They are the murderers
The alcoholics
The beaters
But nobody knows it
We only believe
The masks are thick and deep
They wear on their faces always
They are the hair stylists
The closet homosexual
The football player
The construction worker
The blue collar employee
The priest
But nobody cares
We just say we do
Their stomachs are full
But their hearts are empty
Minds are riddled with confusion
But hearts are full of holes
Can’t hold water
Can’t hold love
They are the broken
They are the narcissistic
They are the humble
They are the arrogant
They are you
They are me.
There is a severe famine in this world
There is a severe hunger in our souls
A rose, a garden
Misrepresent something so longed for
Aesthetic beauty fills the world around us
The flowers
The trees
The sun
The moon and stars
All a gift from someone
But science has disproved that
Made something beautiful…
Thus a famine for one thing that science lacks
A hunger for something that the media pretends to offer
We ask for love and are given romance
We ask for care and are given a rock
We ask for healing and are given a Band-Aid
All of it a longing for fulfillment
All of it a longing
A hunger
For that which makes us feel
Anything at all…
Love is in serious shortage
True, pure love is unequivocal
Real love is naïve and foolish
Real love is pain and hurt
Real love is a commodity
Real love means vulnerability
And in our world of success
Vulnerability is a no-no
How can we love if we don’t trust?
Recklessly trust
Recklessly love
They are the hurt
The pained
The broken down
They trust too much
They love too much
They are the peaceful
The loved
The joyful
They are you
They are me
Capable of something more
Capable of love
Incapable of nothing
Built in love
Built for love
Built for Him
Built to love recklessly…

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